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Me and my brilliant niece Ariana

Me and my brilliant niece Ariana

I’m all about the “aha-moments” and the “stop and smell the roses” moments! But I am also about the “what if?” moments and the “I don’t think I can” moments. I’m human and I go through doubt and negativity too. Nevertheless, I live life joyously, laugh contagiously, and smile a whole lot.

I am passionate about life and I absolutely love animals, books, and sunshine (with some shades and SPF of course).

I am on my journey to becoming a full-time photographer; a photographer that documents you on your journey right now, 6 months from now, a year from now, OK pretty much forever haha! 

I cherish my relationships and I strongly believe everything happens for a reason (even the shitty stuff). I welcome you to my online space where I hope you embrace yourself a little more, fall in love with the stories of others who have honored me by making their photograph, and appreciate the precious moment of now.

Please make yourself at home because the truth is, you are home :).

If you want to learn more about me and what I do I welcome you to watch my "hello & welcome" video! You'll learn how I got into photography, what I love, and see me be my honest and clumsy self :-)

Elle S.
0d ago

Mariah was an absolute joy to work with! From the very beginning, she focused on what my vision was for my photoshoot. She made very helpful comments to enhance the experience for me and my dog, Archer, who loved her as much as I did. Her professionalism, cheery attitude, and understand of customer needs is second to none. I fully intend on using her again for any other photography needs I have in the future. You will be just as delighted as I am if you hire Mariah, and even more so if you have pets :)

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