How does the way you see yourself differ from the way you show yourself?  Are they different or similar? Sometimes they might be. I am intrigued by the tension between what we choose to reveal and that which we don’t. As a person who values the importance of self-awareness and each individual’s specific journey, I am ready to ask others these questions. Revealing and concealing are primary themes in my work. Utilizing light and shadow as a metaphor, I focus on body language inviting the viewer to return the gaze and to have a conversation with themselves about where they are presently. Whether or not we take the risk to look in the shadows is dependent on the individual, but it is necessary.

I am pushing my subjects to look into their own shadows. Sometimes it is worth it at other times it might seem pointless. Nevertheless, I have pushed them, encouraged them to do so, in hope that maybe they’ll learn something about themselves, or reveal something they’ve been concealing.