A Timelapse - Building A Piece of History

Haha, just kidding, it's just my portfolio. But! It's still a piece of history. This portfolio will be a piece of my history, my past, showing me what my photography was like during this stage of my life. That's pretty remarkable if you ask me. In most realms of creativity, artists build portfolios, a showcase of their best work. In my timelapse you'll see how I put all my prints together in a sequence and bound it all into a portfolio. 

There are many articles that suggest if you want to become better at your craft, then take a look at your past work. I try to do this often so I can see what I loved about it then, what I feel could be better, and go on to use that insight to create new work. 

I enjoy sharing a piece of my history with the world. The Internet will continue to prove itself as a time capsule (hello, old pictures from Flickr), so I encourage you to embrace it. Wherever you may share your current work, whether you're a photographer or a musician or a developer, etc., keep on sharing and look back at your old stuff. It just might inspire you or remind you of an idea you wanted to flesh out more at some point. 

If you liked any of the prints in my portfolio, many are available for sale in my shop, yay! So head on over, take a gander,and should you fall in love with one, I'll be waiting to ship it to ya ;). 

If you enjoyed this or have any questions about portfolio building, leave a comment! 

All of my prints were printed by me with archival paper and ink. The portfolio materials (sleeves, portfolio covers, and screws) are all from Pina Zangaro (http://pinazangaro.com/).

Do you have a portfolio of work? Is it digital or physical? Share it with me in the comments below!
If you don't have a portfolio, are you considering making one?

Thank you all so much for watching and reading! 

With love,

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