It’s OK: Follow Your Heart

I just read this blog post written by photographer Tamara Lackey and I am overwhelmed with a sense of drive. She completed a project in Ethiopia that entailed creating a portrait gallery in a particular orphanage. She photographed and hung portraits of each of the children. The sense of happiness and joy those kids and caretakers felt spills out of the words + images displaying “the best gallery opening ever”.

Have you ever felt something so intense it kind of made you want to cry? No? It’s okay, I’m a little over emotional anyhow, haha.

I’m in this groove of things where I am meeting people, photographers, artists, business owners, strangers, etc., and I try to explain what I want to do in the future. Something along the lines of how much I love helping people and want to give back to various communities through my photography, especially my home area in the Bronx, always spews out. Followed by, “I don’t know how I am going to do it or how long it will take me, but I am going to figure it out”. One day at a time I am brewing and making strides to figuring out that “how”.

I wish I was posting this to announce a big grand idea in the spirit of helping someone, but, I am not… yet. I am posting, however, to share that no matter how far fetched or vague an idea may seem, if you feel that intensity in your heart for it- listen and go towards that intensity, feed it. Don’t wait for approval. I am telling you now to go after that idea full force and work towards it! The universe will keep pushing you towards it; That is what I think reading Tamara’s blog post did for me.

Share your ideas and dreams with me by commenting on this post! If you have any ideas for me on what I should do to get me one step closer to accomplishing my dream, also comment below!

With all my support,

Photo ©Alijunior Abdelaziz