My Photoshoot with YouTuber, Simply Lana NYC

You guyssssss! I am just dying over how beautifully my photoshoot with Simply Lana went two weeks ago! I am even more ecstatic to share with you the images from our shoot!

Lana is an upcoming YouTuber who is funny, smart, unique, and quite freakin' beautiful!

We all had a fun time as my sister, Lana, her Momager, and I all made our way into SoHo to get the shoot started. 

Lana is starting her career modeling her favorite brands and reviewing items she loves (or not) on her YouTube page here and her Instagram (@simplylananyc). She loves all things dance, music, and starbs! 

The fun thing is her mom is my sister's best friend, so it was just like being around family, laughing hard, taking in the brisk air and sun in NYC. Plus, my sister was my assistant for the day, haha, thanks, Skush!

I am so stoked to share the images with you all! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for viewing, friends!