Type Directors Club 60th Annual

A few nights ago Sarah and I helped Catalina while she photographed the TDCs 60th Annual. To say that it was amazing is an understatement.

There was so much talented artwork all dealing with typography, I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was seeing. 

Instead of posting my crappy iPhone pics, check out the amazing photos Catalina took via the articled I’ve linked. Within the article they share their link with even more photos posted onto their Facebook. 

Oh, Sarah and I totally fan-girled AFTER we got a picture with Matthew Carter, the creator of the typefaces Verdana and Georgia. AHH! 

© Catalina Kulczar

I won't be my own obstacle anymore

I am always getting in the way of myself, my talent, my work, my art, everything in general. The past year I have been improving slowly, but surely. Really owning my photography and talent, building my confidence in my work, is what I am determined to do every day. 

So, if you haven’t noticed already, I am giving myself a challenge to take a portrait every day for the next 15 days, no matter what. Why is this a big deal for me? Many reasons. 

  1. I don’t do so well with challenges. 30 Day photo challenges are instagram are even a struggle. I cannot do that #100HappyDays challenge… not yet anyway. 
  2. I don’t do so well with those because instead of allowing them to push my creativity, they begin to feel like an obligation and a chore. 
  3. They’re too long, and while I have good time management skills, I put my sleep as a priority so after a long day I will sleep instead of hopping on my computer blogging, getting distracted with articles, facebook, etc. 
  4. Lastly, I put so many obstacles in the way with strict parameters. I see them as parameters when they should just be guidelines, you get me? It’s about perspective. *oh, I missed a day… ah! I didn’t photograph with my camera… crap, no one is going to like this or care.*

So… what makes this one any different?

  1. I made it for myself.
  2. I am telling my self the next 15 days are free of parameters.
  3. While I want to strictly use my DSLR, I will not beat myself up if I shoot with my iPhone.
  4. I am taking portraits, which I am growing to love and have received a lot of feedback on.
  5. Lastly, these images will matter to me, and that’s what is important. They will matter to me whether its because of who it is I am photographing, the experience to get the shot, or just those moments you cannot explain, but are utterly grateful for.

With allllll that said. I hope you guys enjoy the images I will post throughout my blog. I love feedback, its given me a thick skin, so please feel free to send me a message. Look at my past two days! I’ll be posting more soon, so look out :)



Not sure how to start, but I am starting somewhere on this new journey

I am so grateful to be spending most of my summer in my beloved city— New York City. I am interning with wonderful artists: photographer, Catalina Kulczar and a creative collective that started in 2012, La Moutique, which is comprised of both Catalina and Juan Miguel Marin, a visual artist, art director, musician, and graphic designer. I will also be doing a handful of volunteering through NY Cares. I am so excited and eager to learn— I’ve already learned SO much! I’ve gotten to meet wonderful people, see some amazing art, assist with photographing product, go around Manhattan for errands, learn some new gear, and be inspired! Did I mention it is only my 2nd day there?!? 

I don’t have a clear idea of how I want this blogging to go, but I’ll note some things I’ve learned and realized my first few days back from school:

  • Explore your surroundings!
    I have been arriving up to an hour early to my location in Long Island City and just browsing the area because it is one of those parts of NYC I am just not familiar with. I am noticing things here and there, such as a mural/art piece that I need to photograph.
  • Ask questions!
  • Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm
    This was something I was afraid of, showing excessive excitement, because frankly, I am an overly excited person. Seriously. Raspberry Iced Tea excites me, haha. However, both Catalina and Juan have made me feel comfortable enough to be myself. 
  • Correct any mistakes in mispronunciation/preference in name. Scary, but you gotta do it.
  • There is a whole lot out there! 
    And I mean in terms of gear, resources, skills, etc. Like I said, I have so much to learn and just the past two days I have learned more about resources out there for photographers, gear other than stuff I have used in school, other people who help make a whole shoot happen, and simply, new routes on the MTA.

I haven’t had time in NYC since summer of 2011. A lot has changed, which doesn’t surprise me. Even my old neighborhood in the Bronx has changed since I left. However, that just means more things to see and only a few things to genuinely miss. 

I haven’t fretted too much about photographing, which is a huge feat for me. I get caught up in my anxiety and worries and don’t get to enjoy my photography. I am working on some much personally and professionally, so this is a step in the right direction. Look forward to some photographs about my day to day trips between New Jersey and NYC. I have finally accepted in calling my home both NJ and NYC. In addition, look out for info on projects I am hoping to develop!